If shIT hits the fan: stay ZEN

You may interrupt CYBERMONK's
meditation and wing chun training for:

Help! Where did my webmaster go?

Your webmaster moved to the Arctic and you are in desperate need of a quick fix or update.

Domain held hostage

You want to transfer your domain name and/or hosting to another provider but your current provider rather likes to count money than releasing your domain name.

DNS troubleshooting

You don't know how to link your domain name / hostnames to an IP address or your zone file is in serious trouble.

E-mail troubleshooting

Your e-mail ends up in your recipient's spamfolder frequently or all the time or you simply can't send/receive e-mail.

Web & mail migration

Carefree migration of your website and/or e-mail to another provider. Aiming towards zero downtime.
(CYBERMONK knows what TTL means).

Website hacked/exploited

Spam is being sent through your website, or your webmaster didn't apply security updates and your website is screwed up.

Server(s) down!

Quick restore of your services in a Tier3+ built datacenter

Domain advice

You are starting a company or launching a new product and want to know your options towards brand protection, domain registration and pricing.

Your problem not listed?

In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity (Sun Tzu)

Need help?
Contact CYBERMONK - the reply will include a "can do" or "can't do".
In case of a "can do" an estimate or fixed rate will be provided depending on the task.

Discounted rates or free advice for nonprofit organisations.

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Need some "Qi"?

CYBERMONK is linked to TIER3+ built datacenters in Belgium with all the power, cooling and network redundancy you need to stay zen.
The datacenter also has its own network, peering agreements and presence on Internet Exchanges (eg. AMSIX and BNIX).

Qi (or 'chi') translates figuratively as material energy, life force or energy flow.

Stay zen, read some quotes